Copyright Information

The materials (data, relationships and graphics) given in this website are generally copyrighted. The diagrams and their information content belong to their creators and authors.

The results presented in this page are copyrighted to Ferenc Miskolczi and Miklós Zágoni.

The original concept of a steady-state atmospheric infrared transparency and the corresponding concept of a stable well-organized stationaty flux structure are copyrighted to
Ferenc Miskolczi. The 2CTS(clear) = ULW relationship was given in Miskolczi and Mlynczak (2004); the clear-sky flux structure was published in Miskolczi (2007). The connection between longwave cloud radiative effect and the all-sky atmospheric window radiation was first recognized and presented by Ferenc Miskolczi.

The all-sky structure: values of the fluxes as whole-number multiples of LWCRE, the corresponding numerical ratios and internal relationships, including the surface-TOA energy relations and the relationship between the equilibrium cloud area fraction and the equilibrium all-sky transfer function as β0 = f0(all)
were first published in Zagoni (2015). The credit for the new energy budget diagram and poster, and for the albedo 'grid' position at α0 = 1 – sin 45° = 0.293  belongs to Miklós Zágoni.

The information content presented in the diagram and poster belongs partly to the cited data sources, partly to Ferenc Miskolczi
(clear-sky structure) and partly to Miklós Zágoni (all-sky structure).